LockdownReading: For Broke Bibliophiles, Bombay Chapter

Thanks to everyone in B3C for making this #COVID #GiveAway possible. Shout-out to Ayushi and Ankush. And guys: this is my debut novel, please be gentle….

The Carol of the Reactors: Book CoverEXACTING A TERRIBLE PRICE, the apocalypse divided humankind into two: Mutated and Untainted. Kilia & Josh, child counselors for the United Nations, are tasked with telling this horrible truth to tween-agers. Yet forced to lie about their own feelings for each other.

Despite the UN’s efforts, life is harsh for Mutants and an underground resistance has sprung to life in the Quarantine Zone.

Under the watchful eyes of the Chief Administrator, life at the UN mission in Diablo Valley, California, unfolds in mundane quietude.

But then, the universe begins to conspire.


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THE CAROL OF THE REACTORS pays homage to counterculture—blending SciFi, Suspense, and just a dash of romance—in the dystopia of an alternate reality.


Laced with pop-culture, philosophy, real world references (contemporary and historical), this novel speculates on the future of humanity in the face of climate change, our dependence on technology and the fears that accompany it.




4.5/5 STARS

I admire how well the author has crafted the plot and has put in all the twists in the best possible turns of the novel. The prologue to The Carol of the Reactors begins in medias res, and the sudden adjustment to a revelation is indeed quite difficult for any reader. However, the knots begin to get untied from Chapter 1 at a languid pace neither overwhelming the reader’s patience nor slackening the pace of the narration.

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An absolute delightful read which grips you from the get go. There are places where you hear a reference or two and want to high-five the writer…

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The author has taken amazing risks and amalgamated various genres to bring this out. It has different elements and the author brings them when needed and makes them disappear when they are not. Even the characters are not given fixed places, but keep on shuffling when the book proceeds and this is what I loved. The book is narrated in a reverse manner, from the D-day day or the present day and again it’s an amazing concept.

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For people who don’t read much of this genre (Sci-Fi) may find it difficult to decipher or understand the content of the book let alone the plot. However, as the book progresses the readers will succumb into the science fiction story etched here.

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If you’ve read this far, and hopefully seen the promo-video/trailer I’ve included, you’ll know why I just HAD TO share this as #LockdownReading during this Covid crisis. #StaySafe Bibliophiles, and #ReadOn

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